Kaberi Dasgupta, Canada

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine, McGill University; Division of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, MUHC; Di
Montreal General Hospital
Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta is an Assistant professor of Medicine at McGill University and a physician scientist at the McGill University Health Centre. She holds a New Investigator career award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Dr. Dasgupta received her MD, CM degree from McGill University in 1993 and completed residency training in internal medicine at the Montreal General Hospital in 1997. From 1997 to 2002, she worked as a community-based internal medicine consultant at the Centre Hospitalier Hotel-Dieu d'Amos in northwestern Quebec. She received an MSc in epidemiology from McGill University in 1999. She has held her current appointment as an academic internist and clinical scientist since 2002. Her primary area of research interest is optimizing physical activity and lowering cardiovascular risk among the overweight, particularly in the context of type 2 diabetes. Her studies address psychosocial and environmental influences and are designed to inform the development of interventional strategies.

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