Robert Perlman, Canada

Associate Professor
Family Medicine
SMBD- Jewsih General Hospital, McGill University



Dr. Robert Perlman BSc,MDCM,CCFP,FCFP,AME

Associate Physician, SMBD Jewish General Hospital, McGill University

Attending Staff SMBD Jewish General Hospital, Montreal

Practioner of Manual Medicine; Director Back Rehab Program, Mediservice

Past Chairman, Industrial Medicine Committee, American Back Sociey 

Recent Publications

1) Key Clinical Diagnostic Tests fro Sacro-Iliac Syndrome, International Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Dubai, Nov 2013

2) Sacro-Iliac Syndrome - Reliability of 3 Key Clinical Tests in a Neurosurgery Spine Clinic (JGH); International Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain, Singapore, Nov 2016; and Poster Presentation

Dr. Perlman has a clinical interest in Low Back and Pelvic Pain for 30 years and has treated many patients with LBP, using a multi-disciplinary approach. Dr.Perlman has worked directly with osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherpists, and certified athletic trainers/exercise specialists.He has taught medical students and residents at McGill University, as well as family physicians. Dr. Perlman has developed an integrated 8 week Back Pain Rehab program for subacute and chronic LBP patients, which uses specific diagnostic protocols, manual medicine approach with spine manipulation therapy (SMT), specific stretching, exercise, and proprioception training, brain motor re-training, laser therapy, judicious use of medication, and importantly, patient education and psychological support. He has provided LBP expertise for industry including CNESST expertise.

Dr. Perlman is interested in research and education of Sacro-Iliac Joint Syndrome (SIJ), a common and frequently overlooked cause of LBP, which is  highly treatable using a cost-effective treatment approach.

Dr. Perlman has a personal history of LBP for 20 years; he "gets it" when a patient presents with LBP and seeks relief.




















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