Perry s.J. Adler, Canada

Clinical Psychologist
Herzl Family Practice Centre
Jewish General Hospital

Dr. Perry Adler is a clinical psychologist who supervises the practices of family medicine residents at the Herzl Family Practice Centre (HFPC) of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal/ He teaches the residents behavioural medicine, behavioural sciences, and the psychosocial aspects of family medicine. He is also the Associate Director of the HFPC’s Teenage Health Unit and the Director the Centre's Psychology Internship & Training Program. Dr. Adler is a Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. In addition, he is the President of HumaNexus Corporation, which is a behavioural healthcare service company, and the Director of Perry S. J. Adler & Associates; a private clinic housing the practices of Dr. Adler and many of his associates. Dr. Adler is an expert in cognitive behaviour therapy and psychosomatic medicine. 

Lectures by Perry s.J. Adler

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