E-01 Evidence-based rapid office diagnosis of lumbar and pelvic pain
Tuesday November 28, 2017 from 11:40 to 12:40
Fontaine F

Robert Perlman, Canada

Associate Professor

Family Medicine

SMBD- Jewsih General Hospital, McGill University


Low back and pelvic pain (LBP) is common, and is the second most common complaint presented to the primary care physician. Training in the diagnosis of LBP in medical school and residency is very limited and insufficient, and often clinicians feel they lack the tools to perform a comprehension, evidence-based, and rapid diagnositic assessment of the spine and pelvis. Accurate diagnois of the undelying cause of LBP is often elusive. This workshop is a "hand's-on" walk-though how to get the key history and exam criteria for LBP, in a structured evidence-based approach, all in a 10 minute rapid assessment. Participants will actively perform hands-on LBP examinations. A new "triad" of 3 clinical diagnostic tests for Sacro-Iliac Joint Syndrome (SIJ), a common cause of LBP, will be reviewed.




As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to

perform a rapid 10 minute clincial assessment of LBP which covers the essential diagnostic criteria to manage LBP. Several clinical "pearls" in LBP care will be highlighted. The goal is to permit the clinician to gain some efficient, and rapid, diagnostic tools to manage low back and pelvic pain in the family physician's office.

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